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charge a few neurons

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This is a forum for discussing anything related to neuroscience.

the brain—is wider than the sky—
for—put them side by side—
the one the other will contain
with ease—and you—beside—

the brain is deeper than the sea—
for—hold them—blue to blue—
the one the other will absorb—
as sponges—buckets—do—

the brain is just the weight of God—
for—heft them—pound for pound—
and they will differ—if they do—
as syllable from sound—

-Emily Dickinson

Please stay on-topic, and keep it clean. Name-calling and flame wars are not allowed here.

We are not medical professionals and cannot offer advice regarding specific medical situations, so please refrain from making these requests. General questions are acceptable.

About the background image:

Caption: Cerebral cortex nerves. Light micrograph of a longitudinal section through nerves in an area of cerebral cortex. This region of the brain is composed of grey matter. Grey matter contains nerve cell (neurone) bodies (not seen) and their associated processes (dark red lines). The axons are long processes that carry impulses away from the cell body. Dendrites are highly branched processes that carry impulses to the neurone cell body. There are believed to be about 15 thousand million neurones in the cerebral cortex. This region of the brain has essential roles in memory, thought, mental ability and intellect. Magnification unknown.

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